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Quantity on Hand


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1ABUCA214/30 Belted Undergarment 4/30ct 28 cases
1AD CA13R8/10 Adult Diapers Regular 8/10ct 214 cases
1AD CA13Y4/24 Adult Diapers Youth 4/24ct 119 cases
1AU CA21BRFWGCL10/10 Adult Brief Wing Clncl 10/10ct 64 cases
1BD BG01242 Baby Diaper Bag Sz 2 42ct 1218 bags
1BD BG01348 Baby Diaper Bag Sz 3 48ct 2610 bags
1BD BG04330 Baby Diaper Bag Sz 3 30ct 1700 bags
1BD BG04440 Baby Diaper Bag Sz 4 40ct 374 bags
1BD CA02CT63/40 Baby Dpr Cot Tl Sz 6 3/40ct 21 cases
1BD CA0456/40 Baby Diapers Sz 5 6/40ct 84.3 cases
1BD CA1354/48 Baby Diapers Sz 5 4/48ct 94.5 cases
1BD CA13L4/38 Baby Diapers Large 4/38ct 187 cases
1BD CA13M4/44 Baby Diapers Medium 4/44ct 42.75 cases
1BD CA13XL2/36 Baby Diapers XLarge 2/36ct 51 cases
1BD CA13XL4/34 Baby Diapers XLarge 4/34ct 342 cases
1BD CA13XL8/18 Baby Diapers XLarge 8/18ct 137.5 cases
1BP CA21XLRG15/10 Adult Bed Pad XLarge 15/10ct 84 cases
1BT CA021762P24R Bath Tiss 176sh-2pl 24R 7.25 cases
1BT CA021762P3/32 Bath Tiss 176sh-2pl 3/32ct 9.3335 cases
1BT CA021982P12/8 Bath Tiss 198sh-2pl 12/8ct 36 cases
1BT CA021982P4/24 Bath Tiss 198sh-2pl 4/24ct 68 cases
1BT CA021982P6/16 Bath Tiss 198sh-2pl 6/16ct 157.1672 cases
1BT CA021982P8/12 Bath Tiss 198sh-2pl 8/12ct 72.625 cases
1BT CA022002P6/16 Bath Tiss 200sh-2pl 6/16ct 3.4999 cases
1BT CA022642P3/16 Bath Tiss 264sh-2pl 3/16ct 12 cases
1BT CA023002P4/12 Bath Tiss 300sh-2pl 4/12ct 1.25 cases
1BT CA023302P2/30 Bath Tiss 330sh-2pl 2/30ct 9 cases
1BT CA023522P3/16 Bath Tiss 352sh-2pl 3/16ct 0.668 cases
1BT CA023522P4/16 Bath Tiss 352sh-2pl 4/16ct 2.75 cases
1BT CA023522P6/10 Bath Tiss 352sh-2pl 6/10ct 1 cases
1BT CA023962P3/16 Bath Tiss 396sh-2pl 3/16ct 18 cases
1BW CA1012/80RFS Baby Wipes12/80ct Rfl Scntd 50.334 cases
1BW CA1012/80RFU Baby Wipes 12/80ct Rfl Unsctd 70.0874 cases
1BW CA1024/40RFU Baby Wipes 24/40ct Rfl Unsctd 83 cases
1BW CA108/80TS Baby Wipes 8/80ct Tub Scntd 86.042 cases
1BW CA108/80TU Kmart Baby Wipe 8/80ct Tub Uns 1900.75 cases
1FPLCA2518/22 Fem Pads Panty Liner 18/22ct 116.9309 cases
1FPLCA259/30 Fem Pads Panty Liner 9/30ct 1537 cases
1FT CA021003P48/1 Facial Tiss 100sh-3ply 48/1ct 17 cases
1FT CA02103P24/8 Facial Tiss 10 sh-3pl 24/8ct 11.0832 cases
1FT CA021303P36/1 Facial Tiss 130sh-3pl 36/1ct 4 cases
1FT CA021402P8/6 Facial Tiss 140sh-2ply 8/6ct 3 cases
1FT CA021442P48/1 Facial Tiss 144sh-2pl 48/1ct 12 cases
1FT CA021442P8/6 Facial Tiss 144sh-2ply 8/6ct 0 cases
1FT CA021443P18 Facial Tiss 144sh-3pl 18ct 14 cases
1FT CA021443P24/1 Facial Tiss 144sh-3ply 24/1ct 17 cases
1FT CA021502P48/1 Facial Tiss 150sh-2ply 48/1ct 4.0835 cases
1FT CA022502P24/1 Facial Tiss 250sh-2ply 24/1ct 55.2079 cases
1FT CA02502P12/1 Facial Tiss 50sh-2ply 12/1ct 10.5002 cases
1FT CA02502P12/3 Facial Tiss 50sh-2ply 12/3ct 2.5002 cases
1FT CA02653P36/1 Facial Tiss 65sh-3ply 36/1ct 19 cases
1FT CA02703P36/1 Facial Tiss 70sh-3ply 36/1ct 69.8889 cases
1FT CA02852P36 Facial Tiss 85sh-2ply 36ct 7 cases
1FT CA02903P48/1 Facial Tiss 90sh-3ply 48/1ct 4 cases
1FT CA02963P36/1 Facial Tiss 96sh-3ply 36/1ct 6 cases
1FT CA02963P48/1 Facial Tiss 96sh-3ply 48/1ct 14 cases
1FT CA02963P8/6 Facial Tiss 96sh-3pl 8/6ct 12 cases
1FT CA02964/9 Facial Tiss 96sh 4/9ct 7 cases
1FT CA02966/6/6 Facial Tiss 96sh 6/6/6ct 13 cases
1NAPCA021501P24 Napkins 150sh-1ply 24ct 22.8741 cases
1NAPCA02403P24 Napkins 40 sh 24ct 10.1194 cases
1PT CA02402P16/3 Paper Towels 40sh-2ply 16/3ct 323.3125 cases
1TP CA1734/44 Baby Trainers Sz 3 4/44ct 50 cases
1TP CA1736/29 Baby Trainers Sz 3 6/29ct 38 cases
2AD CA99XL5/12 Adult Dpr Scnds XLarge 5/12ct 1007.8 cases
2BD CA02Bulk2216 Baby Diapers Bulk Sz 2 216ct 515.1929 cases
2BP BL09 Bed Pad Bales 53497 lbs
2BP BL16 Bed Pad Bales 380 lbs
2BP BL29 Bed Pad Bales 8521 lbs
2BP CA2723X36150 Bed Pads 23X36 150ct 305 cases
2BP CA2730X30100 Bed Pads 30X30 100ct 394 cases
2FM EA29MISC Face Masks 129299 each
2SN CA09TE4/72 Sanitary Napkins TE 54/2ct 5.852 cases
2TP CA02BulkL120 Training Pants Bulk L 120ct 34.4799 cases
2TP CA02BulkM126 Training Pants Bulk Med 126ct 65.2024 cases
2TP CA02BulkM132 Training Pants Bulk Med 132ct 149.1389 cases
2TP CA02BulkM88 Training Pants Bulk Med 88ct 20.2987 cases
2TP CA09M8/17 Training Pants Medium 8/17ct 338.0237 cases
2TP CA1734/29 Training Pants Sz 3 4/29ct 8.18 cases
2TP CA1734/44 Training Pants Sz 3 4/44ct 13.814 cases
2TP CA1736/29 Training Pants Sz 3 6/29ct 167.5509 cases
2TP CA1744/40 Training Pants Sz 4 4/40ct 253.8 cases
2TP CA1746/26 Training Pants Sz 4 6/26ct 16.5188 cases
2TP CA1754/21 Training Pants Sz 5 4/21ct 33.4096 cases
2TP CA1754/33 Training Pants Sz 5 4/33ct 339 cases
2TP CA99M4/29 Training Pants Medium 4/29ct 21 cases
2TP CA99MXL4/26 Training Pants Large 4/26ct 24 cases



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